Apr 16, 2010


A: Do you have a facebook?(你有面子书吗?)
B: Yes, I do.(当然)
B: Otherwise, it gonna be shameful.(不然多没面子啊!)


B: What happened to you?(怎么啦?)
B: Why kept looking on the ground?(怎么头低低的?)
B: Do you have any troubles?(你有心事吗?)
B: I may help you out. (告诉我,我一定挺你。)
A: I don't know how am I going to face you again.(我没脸见你。)
A: Because...I don't have a facebook.(我。。。。没面子书。)

~Silence again~ (一片寂静)

Join facebook today! (今天就成为面子书的一员吧!)

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